20 Admirable Dining Room Designs With Wooden Circular Tables

Whether it comes to the dining room as a separate room or as part of a room (living room or kitchen), this part of the home is a place where family and friends often gather, therefore rightly be called the center of every home. In each dining room are the most important next pieces of furniture – table, chairs and a dresser / wardrobe. At this basis of furniture, after that can be added functional and aesthetic requirements, and other elements (carpet, additional table for storing items, decorative items, such as pictures, mirrors, candlesticks, etc.).

Good table selection (the most common forms of square, oval and round) is the most important for optimal equipping of each dining room. In smaller areas it is appropriate to avoid massive and larger tables, because it creates the impression of overcrowding and distorts the feeling of comfort, that in this room is very important. Oversized tables will not leave enough space for (at least one) dresser, that will be invaluable for the disposal of all that in this room that you need to have on hand – cutlery, tablecloths, glasses and the like. The smaller round tables (up to four people) that are made of lighter materials, are a good solution for such facilities (oval tables are usually made for six people, so we recommend them for medium or larger dining room). An additional bonus is certainly tables that can be stretched. If the dining area is extremely small, we suggest you at one end of the table instead of chairs, to set up a bench or opt for a classic corner sofa. Below you can see some admirable dining rooms with circular wooden dining tables, that will attract your attention for sure!


Image via Matthew Dandy


Image via Dan Piassick


Image via Advanced Photography


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