17 Adorable Dining Rooms With Small & Functional Dining Tables

With a little effort you can get a new place in your apartment, which will be a place for quick meal,s but also for socializing with guests. With some simple tricks you can transform the small dining area into more and more interesting. If you’re not sure which color to choose, play it safe and choose – white. Paint the walls white and use white decorative items. This white decor will be almost invisible but will give the room depth. Use two chairs of different styles for the best look. Do not forget about lighting, in our case, almost invisible wall lamp that gives enough light for this space.

Small dining room does not have to be with complicated design. One low settee with a table made of solid wood and two simple chairs is simple and almost spartan but with style. A special impression leaves a black lantern hung on the chain. As you have noticed the small dining room the best piece of furniture is low settee that fits in almost every style. These simple furniture pieces can be made of chipboard or wood with arm pads and sponge. They give comfort and warmth to the space. Below them can be mounted baskets, that can be used for storing different thing. What color or style you choose, keep in mind that soon your little mess will become part of your daily routine and not rare your favorite place in the apartment. So take a look below, find your favorite idea and carefully choose the details that will give special charm to the space!



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