2 Sisters House by NRJA in Riga, Latvia

Project: 2 Sisters House
Architects: NRJA
Location: Langstini, Riga, Latvia
Area: 3,600 sf
Photographs by: Courtesy of NRJA

2 Sisters House by NRJA

The Latvian studio NRJA have designed an outstanding duplex home in the middle of the woods in Langstini, Riga. It is called the 2 Sisters House and it is basically a house that consists of two independent residences built on a common base. They share a common area used as an entrance to the building.
The rest of the 2 Sisters House features full privacy even though both homes are part of the same building.

Building consists of two independent residential premises, based on reinforced concrete piles, forming covered external spaces.

First floor is a connecting space for entrance zone and rooms of common use.

The way these spaces are connected allows creating individual living environment and maximum isolation with a view to Langstini Lake.



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