2 Row Houses in Goeblange by Metaform Architects in Luxembourg

Project: 2 Row Houses In Goeblange
Metaform Architects
Goeblange, Koerich, Luxembourg
3,444 sf
Photographs by:
Steve Troes Fotodesign

2 Row Houses in Goeblange by Metaform Architects

Metaform Architects have designed the 2 Row Houses In Goeblange project. As the title of the project hints, this dwelling is located in the Goeblange village in the Koerich commune of Luxembourg. This fantastic contemporary residence offers just under 3,500 square feet of minimalist living spaces that extend out towards a beautiful swimming pool.

The contribution of the skylight was privileged to bring natural light to the ground floor, despite the large width of the house (15 meters).

Sunlight enters the house through several roof windows. The transparent surface of slab of glass allows light penetration to the ground floor and helps animating the central space through the day.

Huge windows (up to 3m x 10) characterize the interest brought to light and openness to the outside.

A pitched roof being required, the sloped roof is covered with the same material as the façade to assign a monolithic aspect to all of the 2 houses.

Metaform Architects


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