19 Super Functional Mini Home Office Designs That Will Inspire You

Word office immediately associates the large room located in a building, which is typically shared with several colleagues. But today the approach to work is slowly changing. Thanks to the Internet and social networks, a growing number of people are opting to work from home. But sometimes, there is no enough space for separate office in the small homes, and for that reason, people are trying to find some functional solution.

We present you some simple but beautiful ideas for arranging mini home office, that will not occupy to much of your space. These photos prove that for a comfortable and pleasant working environment you don’t need a lot of space, but with a little imagination and creativity, it can be just a corner of your home. Create your miniature home office that will be an inspiration to you and that you enjoy while you work. Browse our inspirational collection, and you might find the idea that you are looking for so long!


Image via Elizabeth Glasgow Photography


Image via Drew Kelly


Image via Adrienne Bizzarri Photography


Image via Jamie Atterholt


Image via Tria Giovan


Image via Stephani Buchman


Image via Tracey Ayton Photography


Image via Kat Alves Photography


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