19 Stunning Fireplace Ideas With Unique Designs That Will Amaze You

Fireplaces have evolved from the original open hearth, boarded up in the homes with open one side to the room – what is now considered as a classic fireplace, and later can be found in modern variants. Their function initially was solely utilitarian, used for cooking and heating and later they got more decorative role. With the introduction of tile stoves and later central heating, fireplaces slowly coming out of use, except sometimes in decorative purposes in representative areas of the larger houses, or even there remains only a memory in the form of an empty frame of the fireplace, which is purely decorative.

Today, fireplaces are returning primarily because of new technology solutions that enable easy installation and maintenance, take up less space and can be in more diverse forms and made from a variety of materials. So, nowadays fireplace can fit into all kinds of spaces, regardless of style or decoration, and the purpose of the room. We present you one stunning collection of some beautiful modern fireplaces with unique designs, that will catch your eye for sure!


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