19 Stunning Bathroom Designs With Shower That Abound With Luxury

Luxury in your house can be defined in several ways – it can be seen in your whole interior and exterior, or maybe the small details. One room is a luxury if in it you feel comfortable and cozy, and if you feel that you do not miss nothing, while you spend hours and hours of your free time there. One of the premises which often lack the luxury and that’s often paying less attention, is the bathroom. Although it is actually our intimate little oasis, often we ignore and forget what all the enjoyment we have here. Probably you, like many others, in the bathroom spend a minimum of time, getting ready for work or other daily tasks, not knowing that in the bathroom, you can have your dream space, where every minute is just yours.

The luxurious, dramatic effect of the spa, can be achieved, of course, in a large space in the expensive housing where can be separated big space for the bathroom. However, in a more modest size can achieve a similar effect by choosing standing bathtubs – instead of the standard and a built-in bathtubs, which visually reduces the bathroom. A similar effect on the impression of space can be achieved with a proper choice of colors. Instead of dark tiles to be used, opt for neutral colors, brighter shades and thus visually enlarge your bathroom. Light is the key element to the luxury interior. If you are so far satisfied with ordinary ceiling lights, it’s time to change that and install the soft light in the corner, a powerful lamp next to the mirrors and plan at least one corner where you can set light candles. That way your bathroom becomes your zen retreat.

If you want extra luxury in the bathroom, beside the bathtub, you can set and shower cabine. That way you will enjoy more. See some wonderfull suggestions and make the best version of your dream bathroom!


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