19 Spectacular Master Bathrooms With Freestanding Bathtub

When planning or remodeling a bathroom, it is necessary to pay special attention to the renovation of the floors and walls, as well as in the selection of sanitary ware and bathroom furniture. Wall and floor surfaces in the bathroom must be covered with materials that are easy to maintain. The most convenient are ceramic tiles. As the bathroom in the apartment is with constant humidity and condensation, it is very important when choosing a ceramic tile floor to pay attention to be with a very low coefficient of slipping.

For these are the best tiles with a matte surface. For the walls in the bathroom are recommended smooth tiles with high gloss, but can also be used matte tiles. Designing a bathroom with natural elements, is the easiest way to increase the feeling of relaxation and to get away from your daily routine. Plants, light, stone and water are connection which are attached to the nature and which are full of life. Tiles in the bathroom, should be chosen according to its size. Cramped bathroom will look visually larger if you set tiles with bright shades.

Here we present you some interesting proposals of master bathrooms with brilliant freestanding bathtub. See them and you will find many inspirational ideas!


Image via Vanguard Real Estate


Image via Vicky Tan


Image via Ryan Fung Photography


Image via Troy Campbell


Image via Jeri Koegel


Image via Erika Bierman Photography


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