19 Space Saving Hideaway Bed Designs For All Tastes

People nowadays live in small apartments and houses, and usually there is lack of space for all desirable items. Because of the lack of the space, the home can be overcrowded and in a big mess. The designers from all over the world, are trying to find some clever solutions, to stop the mess in the home, and turn it into neatly and clean place for living.

In the small homes, ideal solutions can be multifunctional and space saving furniture designs. They will save a lot place, but in the same time they will serve you as the regular furniture. If you have small bedroom, we offer you one interesting proposal. It is about space saving hideaway bed. In the night it will be your bed, but in the day, it can be transformed into shelves, or other item, depending on the design of the hideaway bed. In addition, we made one collection of some functional ideas of hideaway bed designs, that surely will catch your eye!




Tags: bed design, hideaway bed, space saving bed

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