19 Practical Solutions For Toys Storage That Will Help You To Declutter Your Home

Who has child, probably knows what it means house full of toys: tripping over cars and dolls, toys that appear in the strangest places possible, shelves and boxes full of cubes, picture books, puzzles and dominoes, etc… Those who have more children, probably can not even remember how their house used to look like.

Storing toys is always a challenge, if you are not blessed with a garage, basement or attic. If you are a resident of a small apartment or perhaps a tenant, then you probably know all about the “struggle by toys”. Items for storing toys are never enough. Your child want more and more toys, and there is no place even for the old ones.

For that reason, just to make you job easier, we present you some inspirational ideas for toys storage. All of these ideas are simple but genius, and they can help you to declutter your home from toys. See the following photos and maybe you will find creative solution that will save your home from big mess. Enjoy in our collection!


Image via Laura Moss


Image via Sarah Greenman


Image via Eric Roth Photography






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Author: Ana Duovska


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