19 Irresistible Modern Kitchen Islands That Will Make You Say Wow

Kitchen islands are very practical additions to the modern kitchen. In addition to places to store things, they can be used as additional work space, and can serve as a dining area. Beside the functional, they have also a very important aesthetic value. Color, material and style of the kitchen island can be the same as with other elements or you can opt for kitchen island in contrast colors.

Make sure that over the kitchen island there is a direct light source, especially if you have kitchen units which are built in. Focused light over part that is for cooking, will help in creating a relaxed atmosphere. Large kitchens have a possibility of placing two or more islands. Kitchen island you can put anywhere. Think about how you will use it. Whether you are going to use one only as an additional work surface, whether to store things and add drawers, sink, etc?

If you opt for modern and beautiful kitchen island, you must see the following collection. We present you some ultra modern kitchen island designs, that surely will amaze you with their beauty and functionality. Check out below and swee what we have got for you! Enjoy!


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