19 Inspirational Ideas To Decorate The Bathroom With Vintage Tiles

Decorating the bathroom is one of the primary tasks, when arranging the living space, also one of the more valuable tasks. The kitchen and bathroom are rooms that are decorated so as to be functional for the next ten years, so that in their organization should invest a lot and because the bet should pay off in terms of durability and functionality of space. When decorating a bathroom is important first to decide for the distribution of elements, color and design of sanitary elements, then the pieces of household appliances such as water heater, washer and dryer, but you should not ignore the question of the choice of tiles for the bathroom.

In addition to the choice of the color and design of sanitary, one of the most important decisions related to the decoration of bathrooms, is the selection of tiles. Tiles that are recommended for the bathroom can be marble, granite or glass, but the most popular are ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles stand out from the others, because of favorable prices and the large selection of colors, patterns and textures. All these tiles are suitable for bathrooms. Some tiles are often without the glaze and are not resistant to moisture. These tiles are less suitable for bathrooms because they are not waterproof. When choosing tiles for the floor, it is important to take into account the space and the overall style of the bathroom.

For charming vintage look of your bathroom, you can set vintage tiles. They will give amazing and charming atmosphere to any space. If you are in doubt whether to set vintage tiles, see our collection below, and maybe you will get some idea!


Image via Joe DeMaio Photography


Image via Ehlen Creative


Image via Gavin Design


Image via Troy Thies Photography


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