19 Fascinating Examples To Reuse Glass Bottles In A Creative Way

We moved from indoor residences to our garden, to balconies, terraces and courtyards, so it is quite logical to want to bring them in order and maybe to decorate them in a unique and creative way. If we use items that we already have at home and recycle something, it is even better! Today’s examples are fun ways to use classic glass bottles, and the next time you open your bottle of wine with your happy company, remember that it can later be converted to a lovely bird feeder, courtyard lighting and elegant decoration for your desk!

In combination with wooden boards, create a birdhouse, attach a metal holder of the back, fill the bottom of the bird house with food, and then place the filled glass bottle in the metal holder upside down. A few bottles and colorful Christmas lights, are all that you need to create a magical atmosphere in your backyard. With glass bottles you can create a warm atmosphere necessary for individual plants in your garden to flourish and grow. These are some of the bunch of fascinating examples how to reuse glass bottles in a creative way. For detailed instructions, see the links below the photos. Have fun!


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