19 Fascinating Bedroom Designs With Exposed Beams That Will Delight You

Wooden beams are magnificent additions to the home decor, which can give amazing look and special atmosphere in any room where they are located. They adorn the attic, give it a special charm, make it a space where you can express your creativity and enjoy in the coziness and perfection. To use the space as functional as you can, they should be incorporated so that the flat would be applicable to those who will dwell in it.

Wooden beams have specific cracks of time, tracks and unique interior growth rings, which basically and give all the glory and sophistication. Avoid grinding and renovation of beams and try to preserve the maximum of their original quality, character and natural color. When all these items are stacked, and you get the desired look, then performs the selection of furniture and details of space, and make decision for the style of the interior. Then the beams get ‘final’ shine, because when they are incorporated into living rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms or other premises, actually you will see all the hard work around the renovations. We present you one photo gallery of a bunch of fascinating bedrooms with exposed beams. See them and you will remain delighted!


Image via Bob Greenspan


Image via Tricia Shay


Image via Colin Cadle Photography




Image via Geoffrey Hodgdon


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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