19 Fascinating Alcove Bed Designs To Use Every Inch Of Your Small Home

There are several different approaches to creating beds to save space in the home of a modest size. The most common design includes cleverly placed bed, and creating a place to sleep in space that normally would not be used for that purpose – or otherwise.

One simple example of a different use of space is putting beds in the unused space under the stairs. The bed can be tailored to fit nicely into the space under the stairs, with any remaining space practically used for shelves or drawers. Do not worry if the bed is larger than the space – as you can see in many pictures and a double bed nice can fit into that space.

Another way to save space are bunk beds, which make full use of vertical space in the rooms and such a design will better exploit the space than if in the room are two single beds. Bunk bed is a great choice for setting more beds in smaller areas, but if beds still have the possibility of folding during the day, will occupy much less space – just fold it when not in use.

Alcove bed under is also an excellent solution where each additional space is precious. The rest under the bed also can be filled with the shelves, that would be useful to take advantage of all the space. In our following photo gallery you can see various inspirational ideas that will help you to design fascinating alcove bed in any room in your home!


Image via Robert Naik Photography


Image via John Umberger


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Author: Ana Duovska


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