19 Exceptional Ideas To Decorate Your Landscape With Palm Trees

Among the most popular exotic plants certainly are the palm trees, gladly seen in every living space, both internal and external. In warmer climates palm can successfully grow outdoors year round, and in the cooler climate during the winter are grown as houseplants or potted plants. There are many species of palms which corresponds to such cultivation, but to make good progress, should be provided with certain conditions.

One of the most important required conditions, is to have a lot of light. Depending on the type, it is not necessary that it be direct sunlight, because some prefer shade. In the inland area, in the warmer months palms can be set out into the open, on the balcony, terrace or in the garden, but as soon as come colder days, they should be back in a protected location otherwise may starve or become more susceptible to disease and pests.

When choosing the species, should be taken into account and the available space (especially if you plan to keep the palm tree in the interior), because some species can grow to several meters in height. If a palm tree grow as a house plant, find large enough container, to be able to grow normally. But if you opt for palms in your yard, as landscape decor, the choice is big. There are countless ideas how to decorate your landscape with palm trees, you just need to opt for that one, that will fit to your exterior. We present you various ideas how to do that, see them and you might find idea how to incorporate palm trees in your landscape design. Have fun and make outdoor paradise!


Image via Mathew Millman Photography


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Image via Giovanni Photography


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