19 Delightful Loft Child’s Room Ideas For Your Inspiration

In our photo gallery today you will see wonderful examples of children’s rooms, which will surely serve as a great inspiration when you decide to edit the room for your children. If you’re planning a spring refreshment in your home, then this is the text for you. Today we offer you irresistible inspiration through several super photos for editing the room of your dearest. Surprise them this spring as you would bring some new elements in their favorite corner or will simply paint the walls in different color or you will set some colorful wallpaper.

For starters, carefully select the materials with which you will work and always try to choose bright and delicate textures regardless whether it is furniture or decorations. Smart select the color palette for decorating, especially when it comes to your child’s room. Forget the rule that a boy must have a room in blue or pink is only for girls, so choose something neutral that will bring positive energy into the interior. Browse our collection below, and you will see some beautiful loft child’s room designs that will provide joy and happiness to your kids!


Image via J.C. Schmeil


Image via Sam Oberter


Image via David Reeve Architectural Photography


Image via Jack Hobhouse Photography


Image via Brady Architectural Photography


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