19 Delightful DIY Christmas Candle Holders

To feel the real charm of the festive atmosphere, make sure that your home is decorated in a special way. If you have not still decide how to decorate and beautify your space, we will give you a few ideas how to make unique Christmas decorations. Christmas decorations will make your dining table very elegant. Decorating you home for Christmas holidays can be very simple. For example, in a small shallow dish place set one candle, and around it put your favorite flower. You can experiment with many colorful tablecloths, candles and flowers, just take care for the color and match these details with other colors in your space.

Pinecones of various sizes and shapes you can place in a variety of glasses, cups, pots and easily you will make interesting decorations. You can decorate them with stars, which can be easily made from cardboard. Of course, with painting and decorating cones ,it is necessary to achieve the right effect. Christmas decorations do not have to be expensive – you can create them yourself quickly and easily, with the help of our pictorial guide. See our collection and find out how to make fascinating DIY candle holders to spice up your festive atmosphere this. Enjoy!


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