19 Charming Kitchen Designs With Brick Backsplash For Better Visual Effect

In the world, but more and more in our countries, in recent years the trend of bare brick walls has a big role in decorating the interior. Brick walls are modern, but also they give rustic touch and create a warm atmosphere in the home. Brick is most commonly associated with old factories and industrial style in the interior design, but is just as good and can fit in every part of the living space. There are more and more of those who during the renovation of older buildings, built of solid brick, decide, at least one of the walls to leave bare. Brick walls the best will come to the fore in the kitchen, dining room or living room.

Also, the brick can revive dull and uneventful entrance area of the apartment or in the basement space that’ll give an antique look of the real wine cellar. The room is usually with only one wall without a bricks. You can do it in the whole room, but make sure there is enough light and large windows, because otherwise, instead of warmth in the home, can create a dark atmosphere. If the selected wall built of solid brick, you can turn it into a super modern brick wall. If you want to incorporate brick in the kitchen, but you don’t want to be on the entire wall, we have an amazing proposal for you. You can make your kitchen backsplash of bricks, and you will get the same effect. See the following proposals and you might find something for your kitchen!


Image via Dana Nichols


Image via Joe Coulson


Image via Warren Lieb


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