19 Captivating Green Bedrooms That You Would Love To Copy

For your bedroom to be really a dream bedroom, one of the most important elements is the color. If you choose monochrome color you need to combine it with textures and patterns.
If you choose a bold mix of colors, charge up your bedroom with the bed covers in neutral colors or a wall in a lighter color.

Green is the color of renewal and growth, and it act soothing. Thanks to its features, interior designers adore it and often use it in decorating of the homes. The green color comes in various shades from light green to dark green like emerald. The fact is that green is the color that makes remarkable neutral combinations with other colors. When you use green, you need to use several different shades of it, to maximize the effect of the energy – from fresh spring color to a strong and bold shades.


Image via Chris Little Photography


Image via Bob Greenspan


Image via Kelly Berg


Image via Rob Karosis


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