19 Big Ideas For Functional Decoration Of Small Bathroom

If you read these lines, then the problems related to the small size of the bathroom are fully known to you. Perhaps you are aware that basically can not radically change the situation, but there are a few things thanks to which, you can turn your small bathroom into a more comfortable, beautiful and functional space. The clean and tidy bathroom seems at times more spacious than the one in which there is no place for moving and everything is on display.

In the small bathroom should be placed only things that you use every day. Towels, brushes and toothpaste, soap, laundry basket, shower curtain, shampoo, shower gel and other cosmetics. All this must be constantly at hand – close to where you use it. Strong and quality light is able to literally transform the modest size of the bathroom, making it look more comfortable, spacious and clean. Make sure that each of the main functional areas are sufficiently illuminated. If possible, place the two light sources on both sides of the mirror over the sink. These are some simple rules that will help you to transform your small bathroom into beautiful and functional place for everyday purpose. See our collection and you will see many creative and useful ideas!


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