19 Beautifully Decorated Small Houses for Everyday Enjoyment

At a time when the price of everything is bigger and bigger, life in a smaller space is seldom a matter of choice. If you decide to build a house with an area less than 50 square meters, be prepared for surprisingly questions from your friends and relatives. The house is still, a big investment – life project that the people do usually once in a lifetime. Some people love aesthetics of the sophisticated but simple, and a balanced relationship with nature and the environment, so that they choose to build a completely functional house of less than 50 square meters.

You would not believe what can be set in these small homes! If you love small simple houses, that look so nice and beautiful, you must check out our awesome collection. If you miss imagination, these houses will certainly provide everything you need and introduce you to a whole new dimension. Take a look at these proposals, and you’ll be surprised!


Image via Bob Greenspan


Image via Blayne Beacham


Image via Showcase Photography


Image via Richard Leo Johnson/Atlantic Archives


Image via Art Grice


Image via Matthew Millman Photography


Image via Juan Baraja


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