19 Adorable Pendant Lighting Designs To Improve The Ambience In The Kitchen

Lighting in the kitchen is of one of the most important elements of interior design – should be perfectly functional and quality, to be able to work safely, and operate the machines, but also imaginatively and creatively arranged, to provide a more pleasant environment. In the kitchen, not only has to be enough light, but lamps must be visually attractive and provide you perfect atmosphere. For pleasant lighting in the kitchen follows the same rules as for the other rooms – a light has to be diverse and to comes from a variety of sources. Most designers divide lighting in the kitchen into three categories: central, functional and light that evokes the atmosphere. For all of them it is possible to install silencers.

Functional lighting means bright light directly above the work surface, sink and electrical devices. In some kitchens to the underside of the upper elements can be added lined LED-lights, while the other in cupboards can be build halogen lamps. There are cabinets with lamps that are placed above the desk. If you have no possibility to replace the kitchen cabinets, there is a large selection of lamps that snakes through the system on rails, with adjustable lighting. In our collection we present you some beautiful examples of cool pendant kitchen lighting, which surely will amaze you. Enjoy!




Image via Jenny Carter


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Author: Ana Duovska


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