18 Surreal Eclectic Home Designs That You’ve Never Seen Before

When most people decided that they want to build themselves a new home, they choose from a pool of strict design styles in which they would like their home to be built and decorated in. That’s how they end up having a modern home, contemporary home, rustic home or any of the other mainstream design styles that you can choose from.
But for some people, a home designed in a style with strict rules that need to be followed is what makes their home boring. That is why when they choose their home design style, they go for an eclectic home. This means that they can literally choose and include features from any style they want in any color and material as well as shape and size which you will soon see for yourselves.

Welcome to a new exterior design collection of 18 Surreal Eclectic Home Designs That You’ve Never Seen Before in which we are going to give you a brief description and example of the eclectic home design which is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

The eclectic home design has an intentionally collected, curated feel. It mixes features from multiple styles, eras and color palettes. For example, the eclectic design can combine the vintage wallpaper with the wooden rustic design and the large glass windows from the modern design with a traditional chesterfield sofa in the same space and it would still look nice.
The only rule of the eclectic design is that it doesn’t play by the rules, which is what makes it incredibly difficult to replicate, but fairly easy to recognize. Enjoy!

Wharfside WabiSabi


New Construction – San Diego, CA

High Ridge Ranch

Mountain Modern Lakeshore

Hilltop House

Chiltern Estate

Eclectic Home In The Forrest

Angus Residence – West Coast Traditional, Vancouver

Anderson Pool

Marfa weeHouse

House at Cotchpinicut (Cape Cod, MA)

A Small Retreat by the Ocean

La Maison-vague

The Garaj Mahal

Eclectic Mansion

Monica’s Resevoir

The Warming Hut


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