18 Stylish Bookshelf Designs You’ll Want To Have At Home

Shelves for books and other items for the home, nowadays, are available in many variations in terms of the shape and the color, and often, they are unique and extraordinary, but sometimes they do not fit the style of our home or they are not according to our wishes. If you have a large living room, an ideal proposal is a library for storing books, although it may occupy big part of the living room. For small apartments and rooms there are bookshelves which can be mounted on the wall, or on the floor, and that will bring a special touch to your favorite reading corner. The bookshelves are of course the most practical solution for storing books, but if the space don’t allow, you can re-use some of the existing elements of the furniture.

Bookshelves in the house, except for storing books, have an aesthetic role. They come in many different forms, and you can decorate them with details, such as souvenirs, photos, etc. Whether you will opt for shelves that stretch from floor to ceiling, or you will choose floating shelves for the wall, it is important to choose what fits the space that you have. We will show you several inspirational ideas for every room in your home, to choose the most interesting contemporary bookshelf that will adorn your space!




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