18 Stunning Contemporary Porch Designs That Will Dazzle You

Once a substitute for the living room in the warmer days of the year, the porch still takes a stand in contemporary home design. But why? After all, we’ve got all kinds of air conditioning nowadays that make summer comfortable in our living rooms. It never was about the temperature of the air. What makes the contemporary porch as relevant today as it was in the ages without air conditioning is its outdoor nature. Sitting out on your porch, you get a gentle caress of the smooth summer breeze. You can hear the songs of the birds as spring makes them return and you can just enjoy a breath of fresh air.

Nowadays, we just don’t enjoy the outdoor areas of our homes as much. Maybe it is because we don’t have the spaces that used to be designed specifically for this purpose. Well then, you definitely have to explore this new collection showcasing 18 Stunning Contemporary Porch Designs That Will Dazzle You. In it is the evidence that such spaces still exist and when done properly, are irreplaceable. Enjoy!

1. Paddington House 2

2. Camp Hill House

3. Clearwater beach

4. Willoughby House

5. Paddington House 2

6. Garden Street Casita

7. Spruce Road

8. Modern Oak Brook Home

9. East Hallam Residence

10. Downtown Carmel

11. Contemporary Porch

12. Westmoreland Residence

13. Contemporary Porch

14. Lake Side

15. Mar Vista Modern

16. Belmont Park

17. Flamingo Residence

18. Contemporary Porch


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Author: Fidan Jovanov

Fidan Jovanov

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