18 Small but Functional Shower Design Ideas

It is true that a small bathroom gives a sense of intimacy and comfort, but in most cases they are uncomfortable, overcrowded and dysfunctional. With a bit of visual magic and practical advice can be achieved the effect of a larger and more comfortable space. Small bathroom can be very functional if you take the time and think carefully how to organize things in it. If you do not have a bathroom built according to your needs, it is probably the room that you want to rearrange. With the help of some simple tricks and without adding bulky elements, can be achieved to make the bathroom looks more spacious and comfortable.

In small bathrooms you need to use a soft, pastel tones for the walls, towels, shelves, tiles or toilets. Bright colors will visually increase the space, but also will add a sense of peace and tranquility. To avoid monotony, you can always add more viable details of stronger colors. In a small, dark and cramped space mirrors can be an appropriate solution. On the shelves, cabinets and other items for storage, you can set some mirrors.

Mirrors will give the impression of a larger and more lit space, but keep in mind that a lot of mirrors means a lot of maintenance. The walls in the bathrooms may be unused. This provides an opportunity for high and shallow shelves or cabinets. Avoid plastic and match the color of the rest of the bathroom. The largest element in each bathroom is usually bathtub. But you could think about installing beautiful and minimalist shower cabinets , to replace the bulky bath and to make free space. You will save a lot space if you choose small showers. We present you some inspirational ideas to choose the best sulotion for your dream home.


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