18 Simplistic Scandinavian Staircase Designs For Houses And Lofts

What’s the one thing that the Scandinavian interior design style is well known for? Simplicity. This style is among the pioneers of the modern minimalism and it is a prominent feature that you will see in every aspect of the Scandinavian home. The Scandinavian staircase design included. That doesn’t mean that there’s nothing but stairs. Minimalism in interior design is actually minimizing the features that do not improve functionality and only serve to create clutter.

Welcome to this new compilation of interior designs where you’re going to see 18 Simplistic Scandinavian Staircase Designs For Houses And Lofts. Take a short break to explore these amazing minimal staircase designs that will work perfectly in any size homes. Of course, don’t forget to explore the rest of our compilations of Scandi-style interiors. Some of the most recent ones showcased the home bar and the closet, but many more precede them.

1. Project Allenvale

2. Paddington Stair

3. Scandinavian Staircase

4. Rozelle House II

5. Dufferin Laneway Suite

6. Scandinavian Staircase

7. House Conversion, Brighton

8. Parisian Maisonette


9. BastevΓ€gen 12

10. Elsternwick, VIC

11. Seattle Custom Home Build

12. Los Altos Nordic Modern

13. Scandinavian Chic

14. Dachau House

15. Mariagatan 13a

16. Meridian Hills Modern

17. Baldock Way

18. Armoury District Department


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Author: Fidan Jovanov

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