18 Practical Shared Home Office Design Ideas for More Productive Atmosphere

Working from home is becoming increasingly prominent in our lives and therefore, grow and ideas how to make in the home more comfortable and more creative office that will provide peace and tranquility that is more than needed. Try as much as possible to make your office to reflects your style. Most importantly, the chaos and the mess is not a style. It’s just a sign that you have too much work or you’re lazy too much. Your office is a picture of your brand and image that you are trying to build as a freelance.

All this can quickly disrupt or even lose if you present yourself to the customer as outstanding worker, who works in the office which untidy and dirty. Nowadays big companies invest a lot in design and architectural solutions to their offices. Surely you can not as freelance like taking the big budget decorate your work room with expensive furniture or decorations.

But it can, with a small and fairly cheap decorations to decorate some details in your taste. Set something petty, like miniature ornament, but uniquely, even better if it si your personal design. And some simplest bookshelf, CD shelf, or picture, with a little creativity and idea may seem attractive. An interesting painted walls in a different color for you can be creative and can make a drastic difference. But if your home office is shared with another person, and you haven’t inspiration how to decorate or rearrange it, we have a few wonderful ideas. See them and you will remain amazed.


Image via Hedrich Blessing


Image via Paul Crosby Architectural Photography


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