18 Pleasurable Fountain Designs To Adorn Your Courtyard

Fountains are a refreshing addition to any garden and yard. Spraying and rippling of the water brings life and movement in every yard. Fountains attract birds and the water will become part of the relaxing atmosphere of your garden. To add a fountain in the conceptual design of your garden does not require large resources and there are a large number of fountains that you can make by yourself as a weekend job.

You can place the fountain to become a focal point around which you can organize flower pots, benches, paths … It is important when choosing a fountain to choose one that is proportional to your yard. It is important also that the fountain follows the theme of your garden, but it is not advisable to put a modern fountain in the Japanese garden or marble fountain in a vintage yard.

Regardless of the topic of the courtyard, fountain should never be hidden, because the people can not enjoy it. If your garden is with formal character, the fountain should be set in the center of the yard, the best is where are crossing two paths to seem a focal point of the yard, and if the garden is with informal character, feel free to place your fountain in a corner or along the trail. Now browse our collection below, and see some gorgeous fountain designs that will help you to choose the best fountain design for your courtyard. Enjoy!




Image via Russell Abraham


Image via Dennis Mayer Photographer


Image via Nathan Harmon Photography


Image via Linda Oyama Bryan


Image via Bjorg Magnea


Image via Laurie Black Photography


Image via David Phelps Photography


Image via Tim Street-Porter


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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