18 New & Creative DIY Glass Bottle Crafts That Are Worth Seeing

The satisfaction you get when you finish something creative that you can use for the future can not be compared with anything. People who are good artists and craftsmen are very lucky people because they never leave anything unused. Nowadays, things like paper or empty bottles have lost almost any value, but many people still try to change that. There are many bloggers and artists who recycle the products to give them a new purpose. Many of us use glass bottles and instead throw them away after use, maybe it’s time to start collecting them and thinking creatively? In this way, we will decorate our home and at the same time will influence the preservation of our planet.

We’ve come up with creative ideas for you to inspire you, and you may also be creative and make your masterpiece. You can use them as a decorative object and assign a new function to them, just let your imagination to run wild. You can make a lamp by simply inserting a light bulb or use a bottle for a beautiful vase. To cut the glass, you will need to use special tools for such strong material. But all effort will be paid off twice. Look at the ideas and we hope that they will inspire you and will make your interior, even the exterior, to shine.


Tags: diy, DIY projects, glass bottles, repurposing bottles, reuse glass bottles

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