18 Magnificent Ideas For Decorating Retro Living Room

The arrangement of the interiors in the home and in cafes in retro style, is some time popular global trend. Searching through the hidden treasures in the basement of the grandmothers and grandfathers, interesting design combined with nostalgia for a little more romantic times of the childhood, are the main “culprits” for everything more active developing and practicing of the retro decorating. It’s no surprise that, as it develops the trend, increasingly appear retro stores and antique shops with retro furniture and decorations.

The living room is suitable to exhibit your small retro fortunes. The interiors decorated in retro style are often a mix of decorations and furniture from the 50s to the 70s or 80s. Key colors are the ones that are dynamic, bolder tones of red, blue, orange, violet, pink and silver, are important to get into the vibrant atmosphere of the 60s and 70s. The other option is to go with monochrome tones as a black or white, who also was a popular option in the interiors of this period. The effect of the colors increases the crazy designs of chandeliers and furniture, and interesting patterns of the colorful wallpaper. Retro furniture easily can be combined with all other styles, and does not seem intrusive. If you consider yourself a little older soul, enjoy the series and films in retro themes, now is the time to go looking for hidden retro fortunes in the basements and bring little retro feel in the interior of the living room! Have fun!


Image via Frank Paul Perez


Image via Barbara Egan – Reportage Photography


Image via Laurie Black


Image via Richard Clatworthy


Image via Amelia Hallsworth


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