18 Magnificent Bathroom Designs Refreshed With Yellow Details

The yellow color is like a real spring injection: it brings optimism, serenity and dynamism in every room. With this color you can greet the spring and summer, or keep sunny mood, during the fall and winter. It is lively and fun color like no other that has the power to invite happiness and good mood in the home.

However, it is rarely found in modern arrangement of interior. Why? Perhaps because yellow is specific and adventurous color. Or because it is difficult to find inspirational ideas for yellow interiors. For this purpose, we found a couple of stylish homes with yellow details, to encourage and motivate you – if you’re not exactly sure how this color may look in your own bathroom, and would gladly experiencer. We present you 18 magnificent bathroom designs that show the flexibility of this radiant color, from bright, to soft pastel yellow in the furniture pallets. See the photos below and find your favorite theme for your bathroom. Take a look at our collection, and se what we have got for you!


Image via Alison Hammond Photography


Image via Rikki Snyder


Image via Fraser Marr


Image via Brenda Liu Photography


Image via Alison Hammond


Image via Sam Gray


Image via Alex Hayden Photography


Image via Fraser Marr


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