18 Interesting Options For Designing Stairs For The Attic

The stairs to the attic are a small but very important detail. Attic in most of the houses is used for the disposal of some things that are not needed on a daily basis, but the stairs or ladders that lead up to the loft, is not necessary to make as those permanent stairs. It is the best if you use for the attic stairs a stairs that you can disassemble, use after that assemble, when you don’t need to them.

If you opt for the right kind of stairs, you will preserve a large part of the space, they will be efficient, and aesthetically functional, without objections. These stairs should be very durable, safe, so the landfilling of things or taking those required from the attic, poses no danger. In our market, you can find stairs made of metal or wood. They can be made of three or four parts and are very easy to install. You must take into account the treads, which must not slip. There are so many kinds of functional stairs for the attic, you just need to opt for that kind that will suit your needs and desires. Take look in our inspirational collection, and you will see many interesting option!


Image via E.M. Marcus Photography


Image via Beppe Giardino


Image via Becky Harris


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