18 Inspirational Bathroom Designs That Are Simple Yet Pleasurable

Each of us has different preferences and different perspective when it comes to design. Some people like dark colors, some bright, some prefer rounded shapes, others angles. Everyone has different preferences, so there are so many different interiors, among which to choose. Long gone are the days when the design of the bathroom was overlooked on account of its size or functionality.

Today bathrooms are perceived as part of the interior and must comply with the overall style of the home. Whether the bathroom is large or small, it should not be cluttered with unnecessary furniture or decorations. When it comes to bathroom equipment, less is more. Select bathroom furniture with simple design that will not fill the entire room, but will make it spacious. Very popular now are the bathrooms with a glass wall or a large window. If the layout of the apartment does not allow windows, then you can add freshness by green plants that will grow up in high humidity. For small bathrooms is recommend glass shower that visually does not take up too much space from the area of the bathroom and looks great in combination with any type of ware. If you need a little inspiration, see our following proposals and you will find it for sure!


Image via Donna Dotan Photography Inc.


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