18 Imposant Dining Room Designs With Shelves On The Walls

The dining room is not just a place to dine with family and spend quality time. It is a place for entertainment, celebrations and other important events. It is not easy to decorate the dining room if you have limited finances. But you can make only a few key things that will make your dining room to shine brightly. Change the central decoration of the table according to the season, or the feast of entertainment. These decorations can be found for affordable prices, and if you know, you can also make by yourself. Fresh cut flowers will be a great central decoration for spring or autumn, but also, you can use the flowers in containers. You will not go wrong with a basket of fresh fruit. Refresh your table with tablecloth with a pattern. Play with colors, patterns, and napkins.

Other important things in the dining room are the walls. You need to have some decorations that will break the monotony. But if you want make creative use of the space, set some shelves on the walls. Here you can set your favorite decorations, framed pictures, or these shelves can serve as extra storage items. So, if you set shelves on the walls you will have interesting wall decorations, and extra storage space. See some functional dining rooms with shelves that surely will catch your eye!






Image via Mark Boisclair Photography




Image via Eric Rorer


Image via Casey Dunn Photography




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Author: Ana Duovska


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