18 Gorgeous Nursery Designs Ideas With Traditional Charm

A common design for room for the baby is to be with painted walls – blue for boys and pink for girls. But in this article we offer a lot of interesting ideas to make your place for a baby to be beautiful and a little more different than the ordinary. Most of us are not able to arrange a special room for the baby, where we need to accommodate cot, closets, lots of stuffed animals and a comfortable chair for breastfeeding. But you will agree with us that the baby in the first year of life do not require a special room, so you can put the cot in your bedroom. Just make sure not to set it close to radiators.

Do not forget that the room for first should be fun and colorful – stuffed animals are an indispensable part of every kid’s room, as well as paintings, inscriptions on the walls and, of course, a quality lighting! When choosing a bed, think about the functionality, safety and comfort. For the baby is not an important the design of the bed – it’ll be comfortable in the crib that came from a relative or friend. Only the mattress must be new and made of quality material, to allow good support of the body. These are the main items that you should pay special attention, and the rest depend on your wishes. In our following collection, you can see various examples of traditional nursery designs, that abound with elegance and pleasant feel. Check out below and enjoy!


Image via Mark Ehlen


Image via Sean Litchfield



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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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