18 Gorgeous Mediterranean Living Room Designs That Will Attract Your Attention

If you are attracted by wooden furniture where you can see the traces of the past times, warm texture, bright blue color as the summer sky, stone accessories, then you are attracted by a Mediterranean style. This style can be characterized as a relaxed, comfortable, rustic and appealing to most of the people. Whether it is summer or winter, the Mediterranean style is certainly inspiring option and if one room is decorated in Mediterranean style, it will switch you to the warm and magical countries, even when you’re miles away.

Mediterranean style must display the sun, sea, citrus fruits and Mediterranean plants. In essence, it is simple, easy and functional style. All materials must be natural, and dominant should be the stone and pine wood with crudeness finish. This is especially true of the floors, which can be alternatively covered with tiles and terracotta. If the floor is wooden, it must be assembled from planks (solid parquet is not included) that can be varnished or painted white. In addition you can see some awesome Mediterranean living room designs, that surely will attract your attention!


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