18 Gorgeous Formal Living Room Designs That Will Take Your Breath Away

Unlike the ancient times, today we have a huge range of products, including furniture, details and little things for equipment of the home of your dreams. When you go somewhere in other home, usually they accommodate you in the living room. In it you spend time in conversations with the family and friends, but also rest after a hard day at work.

Therefore, it is extremely important this room be decorated properly and according to some rules. And if it is even small, the challenge is greater and therefore in arranging the living room keep in mind that you can solve the problem with multi-functional furniture and other solutions for storing things. Stick to bright colors because dark will make illusion of less space but, if you wish, you can add some dark accents. The most important thing is to decorate your living room simple, with clean lines which will make it to look bigger. Examples of interior decoration are never enough, especially for decorating living rooms. We bring you 18 beautiful formal living rooms, each unique and beautiful in its own way. We can not choose who is our best, so you can try. Enjoy!


Image via Brady Architectural Photography


Image via Lauren Brown


Image via Barry Grossman Photography


Image via Troy Thies Photography


Image via Emily Minton Redfield


Image via Andy Marshall Architectural & Interiors Photography


Image via Paul Crosby


Image via Brandon McGanty


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