18 Gorgeous Dining Room Designs With Chairs Made Of Rattan

Ratan is a sturdy, flexible and durable natural material, from fibers obtained from rattan palm, so it will last for many years in your home, garden or balcony. Rattan is one of the biggest plants on the earth, and some species of rattan palms can grow up to 100 meters high.

Today there is a great diversity in the production of rattan furniture – sofas, chairs, tables. It is used indoors, but is also used in the open air, creating the living room or dining room charming place for enjoyment. Rattan furniture is relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain. Garden sets of rattan give a special Mediterranean charm in your garden or balcony.

Furniture made of rattan, exudes warmth and creates a pleasant feeling. Comfortable and stylish, also is relatively easy to maintain. It is held by wiping with a damp cloth or refreshment special spray for protection. Stability and durability are the main characteristics of this material, and it quickly found its way to the heart of customers. In our collection you can see some awesome dining room designs with chairs made of rattan. Check out below, and maybe you will find what are looking for!


Image via Toni Sabatino


Image via Jen Wunderlich Photography


Image via Esther Hershcovic


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