18 Gorgeous Backyard Swimming Pools With Small Sizes For Everyone’s Taste

Do not neglect the exterior of your house -it is as important as the interior. Before you decorate the yard, define what would you like to have in it. Will it serve you only for decoration, or it will have a lot of plants and flowers or you want to spend time outside, so you will set up a gazebo, barbecue, swings, or maybe a small pool.

When you define your needs then just go to devise the space and allocate where will be everything. Devote as much attention to the yard, as you devote to the interior. Proper grass, cultivated flowers, beautiful garden furniture and other decorative details will contribute to the overall aesthetic impression that your exterior. If you don’t live near the sea, you do not have lake or a river for swimming nearby, the only solution for survival hot summer days, is a swimming pool in your own backyard. Modern materials and technology enabled the creation of pools of various types and forms, such as in the recent past have been nearly or completely infeasible. So today there is almost no idea that can not be achieved. In addition, you can see some beautiful small swimming pool designs, that will attract the attention of everyone.


Image via Ann K. McCallum


Image via Trina Roberts


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