18 Genius Solutions For Multifunctional Murphy Bed

With the increasing demand of small apartments, there is a need for multifunctional furniture that saves space and which provides all the comforts and plain furniture. Architects and interior designers every day are trying to solve a problem, that is called – decorating a small apartment. The most practical solution for small bedrooms are these are murphy beds. These murphy beds are the product of evolution in the design of furniture, that combine practical and functional, and in the same time are stylish acceptable.

Whether you’re a fan of modern or classic style and have a need for additional space, there is the solution for your trouble. Murphy bed can be found in a number of forms and ways, to fit into the existing look of your interior. From one room you can create two functionally different rooms with this kind of bed, during the day let it be your study room and in the evening a beautiful bedroom. Murphy beds are ideal also for children’s rooms, they can be on two floors. Of course, the main advantage is that it does not take too much up space, and modern solutions provide even the appearance of a solid look, which was the main problem in the old days. Furniture manufacturers call it a smart bed, as will be considerate to give way to other pieces of furniture that are not so great powerful as it is this kind of bed. Check out below and you will see many functional solutions that surely will attract your attention!


Image via Mike Sinclair


Image via Becki Peckham


Image via Louise Lakier Photography


Image via Becki Peckham


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