18 Functional Kitchen Ideas With Integrated Refrigerator

Decorate your kitchen so that you will save space. Bulky and large refrigerators take up too much space, and integrated refrigerators will be, in addition to the aesthetic, perfectly dropped in the rest of the kitchen, they will take advantage of every inch in your favor. It will not remain unused space. Very interesting solution can be refrigerator under the counter, even if it may seem that these are small fridges and there is not enough room for all foods. Of course this will depend largely on the number of members of your family, or the other side will avoid throwing food so that you will stop here, you will have food just as much as you need, with a little more frequent purchases.

Your kitchen will look more elegant, refrigerator door can fit with the rest of the elements in the kitchen, will not stand out. Very sophisticated look, for those who like their kitchen to look perfect, this is the right choice. Not so cheap, but also aesthetically beautiful that no one will complain for the money. For those who love to cook and spend lot of time in the kitchen, this is only a small detail that will brighten up their kitchen!


Image via Phillip K. Erickson


Image via Jim Schmid Photography


Image via Connie Anderson Photography


Image via Donna Griffith Photography


Image via Bob Greenspan


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