18 Functional Ideas To Design Living Room With Kitchen Properly

There are houses and apartments where the kitchen and living room are connected in a common whole. There are no walls, but pieces of furniture are divided, thus represent one room. Here are a few tips and ideas how all that can function in a common room. Cooking and kitchen appliances you need to use only in the kitchen, and the living room should be designed to be attractive and comfortable.

Visual border in the form of kitchen built-in appliances, can be the separation of the living room and thus to create a modern living room – kitchen combination. If the living room and kitchen are in one room, that brings a sense of spaciousness, but at the same time, should be taken into account, these two areas do not lose their individuality. This difference can be achieved by using a suitable combination of colors, furniture and other decorative accessories. That way, these two areas will be optically separated. Use contrasting colors or choose a common color scheme for both areas. Colors can give focus to some area. If you opt for white, yellow or cream color for painting the kitchen, same color give emphasis in the living room, in the form of some pictures, lamps, blankets or pillows. Below we present you some interesting proposals that can help you to do that in your own home!


Image via Mark Herboth Photography


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