18 Functional Ideas How To Choose Flooring In The Bedroom

Floor coverings are an important factor in the functioning, comfort and longevity of the house. Materials and technology are constantly changing, and the choice of flooring is ever-expanding and more diverse. Although all materials have their advantages and disadvantages and can not be selected universal or the best material, there are some unwritten rules that correspond to certain flooring for the room, and they will help you to choose suitable flooring for every room.

Floor coverings are depending on the purpose of the rooms, selected primarily by their functional characteristic, then, and no less important, by aesthetics. Each room in the home has certain requirements that applied materials have to meet.

Floors should be as warm and soundproof. The best solution for the bedroom is wooden floor with carpet and always in a neutral color so it stays in the background. The wooden floors are warm, easy to clean, but the lack can be its maintenance and the less costly alternative may be the laminat. No matter what floor you will choose, set some details such as the carpet in color and give style to the room. See below some interesting examples, and maybe you will find idea for the floor in your bedroom!


Image via Eric Roth


Image via https://www.wadegriffithphotography.com


Image via Alexandre Parent


Image via Sue Murray


Image via Paul Finkel Photography


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Author: Ana Duovska


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