18 Functional Bed Designs With Drawers For Extra Storage Space

In bed, we spend a third of life, and therefore further decisions on the selection of high-quality beds are very important. It is, in addition to place where we rest and sleep, and a central element of the intimate space of the apartment and the bedroom. Except that of the bed is expected to meet the aesthetic criteria, it must be functional to the body during sleep, so we could relax and regenerate. The latest trends in the interior, of course if allow the opportunities, to advocate as little furniture in the room. The most important thing to look for ,while buying a mattress is the comfort. If the bed is uncomfortable, you will not enjoy sleeping on it. Be sure before buying, lie down on the mattress to check hardness and generally, how does it feel to lie on it.

How to feel good mattress? – When you lie down on it you will simply feel that it is good or not. If there is the slightest doubt, do not buy it. As for the hardness of the mattress, should be neither too soft, nor too hard.

If you have small bedroom, and you don’t have enough space for all your stuff, try to find some mutlifunctional bed, which will have extra storage space, to declutter your bedroom. The simpliest version of this is bed with drawers. You don’t need to spend a lot money on this kind of bed, you just need to find that one that will fit your style and your needs. See our proposals and you might get inspired!


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