18 Fabulous Mediterranean Patio Designs That Will Feed Your Soul

The patio design plays an integral role in the perception of the Mediterranean home. One might even say that the design of the Mediterranean patio is one of the most important aspects of this style of home design. Why? It’s simple. If you live in a home that is located in the Mediterranean or somewhere with a similar climate, you would want to stay outside as much as possible.

Outdoor living requires spaces that will provide you all the comfort that you need. That’s why we’ve compiled this fresh list of outdoor designs featuring 18 Fabulous Mediterranean Patio Designs That Will Feed Your Soul. Take a few moments to explore them and don’t forget to take a step back and check out our recent collection of 15 Impeccable Mediterranean Deck Designs That Will Leave You Breathless. Enjoy!

1. Mediterranean Patio

2. Dining Loggia

3. Salentina Vacation Home

4. Large Epping Garden with Pool

5. Mediterranean Patio

6. Santa Monica Spanish

7. Beverly Hills Makeover

8. Houston Oaks Residence, Lake Escape

9. Mallorca Refurbishement

10. Villa Baroni Iblei Noto Sicily

11. Canyon Retreat

12. Spanish in the Gables

13. Westwood Grill Master

14. Mediterranean Patio

15. Historic Home Renovation

16. Villa Pandorea

17. Project SKA

18. Menorca Home


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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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