18 Eye-Catching Industrial Exterior Designs That Look Like A Home

It is easy to get under the impression that industrial homes aren’t actual houses but all of them are lofts that have been converted from real industrial buildings that have been built during the period of the industrial revolution. But that is just plain wrong. More and more fresh homeowners choose the industrial style as the design for their brand new detached home and even more choose it if they are opting for a modular or prefabricated home.

In this new collection of house designs, we will show you 18 Eye-Catching Industrial Exterior Designs That Look Like A Home. The goal of this collection is to showcase the industrial home design style and show you that it is more than a good choice for your home. The industrial exterior can also look quite modern with its choice of materials, shapes and layouts so get scrolling and explore these designs. Enjoy!

1. Industrial Exterior

2. Highland House

3. Peachy Canyon Residence

4. Prahran House

5. Twenty Three-02 Exterior

6. Sinjin House – Forest Lodge

7. Doonan House

8. Bay Park Modern House

9. Modern Waterfront Getaway

10. Skyline Residence

11. Fern Ridge Lake House

12. Industrial Facade

13. Pinnacle Star Residence

14. Techno Meets Mid-Century Modern

15. Industrial Home

16. Marmion Street House

17. Industrial Townhouse

18. Osborne Project


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