18 Exceptional Contemporary Swimming Pool Designs For The Sunny Days

There’s not a single person who would not like to have a very own, private swimming pool in their backyard which is what we showed you in our previously made, recent collection of 22 Outstanding Traditional Swimming Pool Designs For Any BackyardBut if you are in for something a tad bit more expensive and luxury, you should also make sure that you check out another recent collection of swimming pools called 15 Fabulous Backyard Swimming Pool Designs You’d Wish You Owned
The first collection of swimming pools is a bit more traditional, with designs that would suit casual homes and the second one has mixed styles in it, so we decided to make a one style collection of swimming pool designs in which are going to show you the contemporary swimming pool. 

Welcome to our latest collection that is going to show you 18 Exceptional Contemporary Swimming Pool Designs For The Sunny Days. 
This collection features a variety of contemporary swimming pool designs that vary in size and shape as well as the overall setup around them. It is the perfect chance to get ideas and inspiration if you are a person who is looking for a new pool or an architecture student who just wants to upgrade his design book with cool new features and ideas. Enjoy!


Cooloongatta Road


Contemporary Pool

Contemporary Swimming Pool with Great Patio

Barton Creek TWO

Contemporary Residence With A Contemporary Pool and Patio

Tribeca Pool Garden

Spanish Oaks Residence




Winflo Cabana and Pool

palm beach house

Viewbank Project

Outdoor Living Paradise

Spacious Outdoor Living

Highgate Garden Room


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