18 Delightful Spiral Staircase Designs To Adorn Your Interior Design

If your apartment on more levels, do not forget the look of the indoor stairs. Although sometimes they may be into some corner, they can not be unobserved. On the contrary, they attract much attention. The stairs in your home should be to fit the style in which is your home arranged.

Spiral stairs, modern or of wrought iron, will take a minimum of space. Just because of their looks, they will become a decorative element, not only used for climbing and descent. If you do not have any other way for the entering of furniture on the upper level, you should on time consider how will work that with a spiral staircase.

If the staircase is on one side openly, you should consider installing railing. Railing can be the same as the steps, in different styles and from different materials. So for industrial style use metal fencing style, for classic style – wooden, and the railing in a modern style shall be made of glass. They are extremely important if you have small children or if you live with elderly people. When setting glass fences problem always represent your fingerprints on the glass. This can be fixed by setting the sandblasted glass or cheaper solution is with proper bonding foil. Metal fences are a true ornament of the apartment. There are many options, ways of treatment and choice of colors, you just need to find that one, that will fit your interior design!


Image via Lyndon Douglas


Image via Peter Northall


Image via Eric Roth


Image via Dan Piassick


Image via Jorge Taboada


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